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Aeson Strategy's founder, Andrew Boulton, has worked in a number of countries including the UK, Australia and most recently Canada.  Working in Government and private sector, establishing a strong foundation and experience base in IT Security and Risk, Andrew began Aeson Strategy in 2011 in Vancouver BC, Canada.


Since that time, Aeson has delivered on dozens of projects in Common Criteria - both as consultant and evaluator - and a host of IT security and Risk initiatives for public and private companies.  Today, Aeson Strategy provides consultancy services that specialize in IT Audit, IT Risk and IT Security. Specialty frameworks and standards in the service line include Common Critiera (ISO 15408), SOX, SSAE-16 (SOC 2, 3), COSO, CoBit, and ISO 27001.


Aeson Strategy draws on relationships with skilled, experienced, independent consultants for a just in time team that removes almost all overhead associated with regular consulting services.  You get exactly the team you need when you need it.

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